Our Mission

To represent both hiring managers and qualified candidates by communicating accurate and necessary information. We examine personality traits, working styles, and company needs to assure the proper fit. Conversations are our work.


Our team of top digital, marketing and creative talent offers strategic industry insight and extensive creative resources. Whether you are looking to hire UX/UI, digital designers, 3D Animators, social media marketers or just general Vendor Management support, we can help. We will help you build your team with the right resources; Temporary staffing, project based assignments or full time placements.

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Sales & Marketing

These departments are intertwined. We identify sales candidates with the skills needed to cultivate relationships for growing business. Behind a quality sales team are marketers who understand how to fuse strategy and creativity. Sales candidates tend to be exceptional listeners who help others feel comfortable. Marketers are often creative in acquiring and maintaining attention through various media forms.

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Office & Administrative

We often find in both small and large companies a need for skilled executive assistants, customer service agents, administrative assistants, proofreaders, and entry level analysts. These are folks with both the attention to detail and understanding of the professional conduct needed to work inside the office. These employees improve operational efficiency.

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Technology & IT

The demand for candidates with the most modern technological skills is growing every day in every industry. Both young people and established professionals are acquiring additional tech skills through formal schooling and online programs. A quality tech department is built with the proper combination of project managers, web developers, and business analysts. We have personal relationships with everyone from CTO-ready candidates to entry level coders.

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Finance & Accounting

It takes a specific set of skills and specific mentality to excel as a Sr. level quantitative analyst, sales ops analyst, bookkeeper, or in a regulatory role. Our candidates have a sharp understanding of how numbers serve business operations. Qualified personnel may possess a deep understanding of tax laws, bookkeeping software, and compliance requirements.

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With Accelerated Innovators Payroll Service, our clients can maintain a flexible, nimble hiring approach; expanding their talent base or reducing without taking on the financial and administrative burden of increased full-time headcount. Our payroll services are fully customizable and tailored to each client’s specific needs. We are responsible for all payroll and administrative functions; including hours, recordkeeping, tax withholding, liabilities and all other payroll-related functions.

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At Accelerated Innovators, we are committed to matching qualified health care professionals with medical facilities. Whether it be with hospitals, community health centers, or long-term care and hospice groups, we offer customizable solutions to ensure we meet all of your hiring needs. Our services include full-time, temporary, per diem, or temporary-to-full-time for various positions; Registered Nurses, Managers, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, or Physician Assistants.

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Light & Industrial

We understand the nuances of a manufacturing and production work environment, and we’re equipped to deliver the hardworking staff you need to operate successfully. Using our proven, specialized approach, we ensure that industrial and manufacturing businesses can connect with the talent they need.

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Building a Smart & Effective Staff

We have the staffing solutions for you, at all levels.

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