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Computer Vision Engineer


Los Angeles & Remote


  • Responsible for designing computer vision algorithms and implementing them in robust, efficient, and well-tested code

  • Solid statistics background to evaluate the performance of the algorithms you invent

  • Fluent in both novel and well-established computer vision techniques, including object detection, image segmentation, text recognition and deep learning

  • Hands-on and eager to help with anything that needs to get done

Bonus: Authoring well-cited papers in respectable venues Proficiency in GPU & embedded programming Prerequisites Languages: excellence with C++ & Python at minimum Command line debugging and profiling Designing, implementing and executing detailed unit testing Experience with TensorFlow, PyTorch, Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Nets

Soft Skills

  • Great communication skills: explain tough concepts quickly and easily

  • Writing and presenting clear, concise, and detailed documentation

  • Good humor to take in unsweetened criticism

  • Embrace highly iterative and interactive development

  • Value complete transparency in others and ascribe to it yourself

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